Friday, September 17, 2010

Just Say Yes!!!

Recently I saw a movie called "Yes Man". It was about a man whose friend forced him to go to a seminar where you are only allowed to say "Yes". The concept itself is pretty interesting but the part that bothered me is that he did not initially choose the yes on his own. I however, am going to give you a choice.

I am asking you to say YES to you. Yes to a life you have always wanted but told yourself no for whatever reasons. It could be that you wanted to start your own business, but you told yourself  NO you couldn't have that, it's too risky. Have you ever wanted to live in another country but told yourself, NO, it's too unrealistic? Have you just been giving yourself a series of No's because you find too many reasons to not say Yes? If this is you, please stop it.

Saying stop is easier said than done, I understand that. However, everything is as easy or as difficult as you say. Let me pose this question to you, if someone offered you a guaranteed life of your dreams if you quit your job tomorrow, you'd do it, right?  Seriously, you have a guaranteed life of your dreams so most likely you would certainly quit your job and you would go with the flow. So, why don't you do that now? Why don't you stop living in your box of smallness and breakout to the life that you have always wanted to live? There are several reasons that I can see why people don't take the risk of leaping into the life of their dreams, they don't believe in their strength and their abilities to take on their life the way they want to.

Just Say Yes!!! Say Yes to living the life of your dreams because you deserve it. Say yes to being in the relationship of your dreams and stop settling because you don't believe that you are good enough. Say Yes to working for yourself as opposed to working for someone else and complaining  everyday. What do you want? What do you desire for yourself? What would make you happy? Whatever answer you come up with that would make you happy is what you should do to live a fulfilled life. What are you waiting for? Really? Your life begins when you say. All you have to do is JUST SAY YES!!!

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Below is a song called Say Yes by Floetry...enjoy : )

Just Say Yes

Friday, September 3, 2010

"I will be broke for the next few months but I won't owe anybody any money by the time 2010 is done"

 Jessica is one of our Pure Peace fans who was asked to write a piece on her debt free journey, she accepted and this is her testimony in her own words. She was bold and courageous to share her story with us and for that we are gracious. We were certainly inspired, and we are sure you will be also.
-- Pure Peace

"I will be broke for the next few months, but I won't owe anybody any money by the time 2010 is done."

Over the last 5 years, I've attended and finished college, started a new job, bought a new motorcycle and new car.  Throw in a few student loans, trips to any and everywhere and a few credit cards, it's safe to say that I've accumulated quite a bit of debt. Although it may come of as so, but I am not one who spends, spends, spends.  Or a compulsive spender is what I like to call it. I plan, I save(a little) THEN I buy/spend.
It wasn't until about 5 months ago when I sat down and made a spread sheet showing my monthly bills that the spotlight was on me and my out of hand spending.  Now keep in mind, I THOUGHT I had it under control.  When I saw the amount going out was almost equal to the amount coming in, I then realized that I had to sit down and reevaluate my finances. 
I then came up with the  "I'll be broke for the next few months but I won't owe anybody any money by the time 2010 is done" mentality.  With the exception of things that I really and truly need, I've put my spending on hold.  I cook and take my lunch to work every day (Saves me about $50 a week). Instead of shopping or going on multiple trips in short periods of time, I pay bills.  With this mentality, since April I've paid off two credit cards and put myself in a position to have the rest of my student loans paid off by December of this year. It feels soooooooo good when I look at that spread sheet and I can see that slowly balances are coming down and the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine through. 
 I used to complain and say I don't understand how people can survive on my salary(it's really not that bad).  My not so controllable spending had me blinded.  Anytime my mother would hear that, she would respond with "there's people with kids, a mortgage and way more bills that make less than you that are making it work."  It's true....there are. So I put it paper, grabbed it by the reigns and now I'm counting my financial blessings.   
Becoming debt free takes discipline but it can be done! Take it from me....write it down, keep track of your spending and see what you can live without and put that money towards financial freedom.  Trust me....its not so bad. Plus, the end result will leave you with a natural high.  With the amount of things I've cut out, before, I thought that I would lose my head.  I'm still here.....with my head intact and doing great.  I said it on NYE.....this is my year! I've hit a few bumps in the road but overall, I think my New Years resolution will actually play out right.
Stay encouraged my friends. There's nothing to it but to do it.