Monday, February 20, 2012

Forbidden Fruit

Why is the forbidden fruit so incredibly enticing all the time? It is the one thing that EVERYONE knows is bad for them, yet they cannot resist it. I myself am guilty of that in two specific areas; food and men. I love food, all kinds of food, and it just happens that the more unhealthy is, the more I would flock to it. This clearly has been my detriment because I am severely overweight and I did not have the zeal to work off my food addictions, so the weight kept on coming. I have the same mentality about men. There are men who I have known that were not good for me, yet still I flocked to them like bees to flowers. What on earth was wrong with me?

I know that if anyone tells me I can't that makes me defy them and show them that I can. Even if it was to my detriment, I was not going to be proven wrong under any circumstances. Therefore, I did what I thought was building my character, but instead I was only feeding my ego and neglecting my divinity. I can see that as clear as day now, and I can say confidently that I have no regrets. I realize that I had to live these lessons in order to overstand and truly appreciate what it is like to think with clarity and the consciousness that my body is a temple. My mind is a temple. My spirituality is a temple and I need to take care of myself and treat myself royally because I am a loved child of God. There is nothing that I have to prove to anyone. My vision is treat myself well and to keep using my thoughts to give rise to actions that correlate with my ascension into divinity and to honor myself and honor God.

I now would look at soda or fried foods, and I  can think that it may smell good or look good but it is NOT good for me. It doesn't add anything to my body that will promote a clear mind. It doesn't add any value that would keep my body active or keep my metabolism going. Unhealthy food is such a detriment to me now, that I look back and wonder how did I get so far removed from my true self. Why did I pick up these unhealthy eating habits? The truth is that I never knew any other way. I ate what was there without truly giving thought to what it may be doing to my body. I just ate. Now, that I am aware and I do have the consciousness to choose what goes into my temple, I honestly don't even crave those healthy things anymore. My body rejects the mere thought of it.

The same goes for toxic men. I was just choosing wrong guy after wrong guy because I was attracting takers. I thought that if I gave of myself, time, energy and love to these men, perhaps one day they would see my worth and in turn decide to reciprocate the same kinds of feelings. I thought that perhaps they would give me the energy and time and love that I had been putting in. However, that never happened. They never saw. They took all that I had to offer, without returning anything into my emotional bank and I was BROKE. I mean I poured all of my energy into these men who were not deserving and I was broke, drained, dried up, spent and just finished. I would look back on these relationships and wonder what happened? How did I allow myself to not be loved and treated the way that I wanted to? The answer was in front of me all along. I was giving these men what I should have been giving to myself. I should have been pouring all that time, love and energy into building myself up and not giving it to them. They took my energy and used their own to pour it into themselves and into other women. I was so blinded by the PROSPECT of love that I never let the prospect grow into ACTUAL love. I left them at bay and as a result I got to be closed off, blocked off and not really open up at all. I invested so much in them that I stopped them from really getting a glimpse at me. I never gave them an opportunity to cater to me or to really wow me or sweep me off of my feet because I chose to do all the work. It was safer for me that way. I am a keeper and holder of EVERYONE'S secrets and that is what I am good at, but NO ONE knows any of my secrets, not really and that has kept me really safe but lonely this entire time. I keep people away, because if I opened up, then what would I have to give if it looks as though I am broken too? I am supposed to have it together and be the healer. Healers have no pain, we are healed, we were born this way, no issues at all... Yea, right!

Clearly, I know that all healers have a past, and yes they did heal but it did not happen overnight. What I am learning is to let go of my obsession of getting it right, looking good and being a perfectionist because that is so inauthentic. The person that is here today has been through a series of things, hurts, pain, tribulations, bottom of the barrel and everything else any person has been through. I too have those moments that would make someone gasp if I told them the entire story of some of my lessons. However, those lessons are what makes me so incredibly powerful now. Those lessons are what makes me a healer, and a compassionate listener, judgement free. Who I am now is a womyn that is still a work in progress but I understand now that my entire life is for a purpose. I am here for a purpose, and that purpose is to heal. I am here to heal all those who want and need it. I can do that by sharing my story and helping others to get to the other side of pain.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Day is EVERYDAY : )

I have been seeing the most melancholy status updates on Facebook and Twitter about VDAY. Come on people, come on, it is just a day!!! Not having a Valentine will NOT kill you. There are many people with Valentine sweethearts who are absolutely miserable. Okay, so what do we do here for all the broken hearts? Let's create : )

First, the love that you seek is within YOU. You must look inside of your beautiful self and see a being who is absolutely worthy of love. You do this by feeding yourself daily affirmations.

I am perfect.
I am whole.
I am complete.
I am worthy.
I am deserving.

You really want to get very clear that these things are true about you DESPITE what your past says. Your past could have damaged you, perhaps even traumatized many of you but your past is just that, the past. Here we are, in the present, which is the best gift of all. You have the opportunity to create a love that is abundant, long lasting, beautiful and that will survive past one flimsy Valentine day. Get present to the idea that VDAY is a commercial holiday. It means only what you make it mean. What good is VDAY  without the other 365 days (Leap year) being filled with absolute love and happiness?

We attract those on the same wavelength as us. So for all of you people who keep saying that you are finding these terrible dates, I am going to encourage you to look within yourself and see what it is about YOU that keeps attracting the same people over and over again. You must raise your vibration and change your thought process in order to attract who you truly want. However, in addition to attracting the right man /woman you must be clear that your life is ready to receive them. Is your space clear and clutter free? Are you in alignment with your higher self? Have you been praying and mediating? Are you taking care of your temple which includes you mind, body and spirit? Are you diligently working on your elevation? All of these things matter tremendously but NOTHING is more important that self work. Self work is what will make EVERYTHING in your life work or not work.

Consider that you can easily attract a valentine, sure. However, what are you committed to? Short term satisfaction or long term love. Long term love takes work, however if done correctly long term love can produce the most euphoric, delicious, wonderful love that can feel like St. Valentine's Day every single day. Check your thoughts. Observe your behavior. What more self work could you be doing? Do NOT obsess over finding love, it will find you at the appropriate time. In the mean time, work on yourself and constantly find ways to elevate yourself. Life is good and it's so much sweeter with love. There is no greater love than self love, once you have that, you can be in the most fulfilling relationship of your life.

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To create is to give birth to something from nothing. We as human beings have absolute control and free will over what we create from our minds. Our thoughts is the place where creation is born and the rest of body follows suit. Thoughts give rise to actions.  In other words, whatever we think will show up in the way that we behave and carry ourselves. Everyday we are creating something, but how many of us actually pay attention to our thoughts?

I always ask my clients, "What do you want?" I get a variety of answers, but when I ask what are thinking that is stopping you from getting these things that you want? I am usually met with silence. They are not sure usually. I pose the question to you reading this blog, what do you want? What thought is stopping you from getting what you want? Everything and anything that can happen is created from our word. Our word is simply the manifestation of a thought. I have observing many people say I want love but there are no good men or women out there. Two things can happen with that mentality; 1. You will CONTINUE to attract no good men/women because that's the thought you have put out into the universe. Or you will be single for a while because you won't be attracting anyone to you because you think men/women are no good and you'll put up a wall so high that no one will be able to climb over, leaving you single and bitter. What you resist will persist. Keep saying I don't want a bad man/woman, and that is exactly what you will attract.

Okay, so how do you create what you want? Well, it takes practice. I was in the practice for many years talking about what I did not want. what I did not like, what I did not need and all of those things kept showing up. I thought maybe I was cursed or something. What I know now is that I am EXTREMELY powerful and whatever I thought would manifest into my life. I had to do a serious introspection into my thoughts. What was I thinking that was having all these things that I did not want in my life to keep showing up? I was focusing on the negative. I would not make affirmative statements. I'd say " I really hope this date doesn't cancel." Guess what would happen? You guessed correctly if you said the date canceled. I started noticing that pattern, if I think it then it happens. What would happen I thought, "This is going to be the best date ever!" ? Well, it turned out to be the best date ever. I realized that I LITERALLY had to power to sway how things went with my thoughts. I was committed to transforming my life by transforming my thoughts. In order to be successful at that, I had to CREATE a thought process that promoted success, growth, love and positive affirmations.

You may be at a point in your life where things are not going so well for you, and that's okay but what are you thinking? Are you creating and inviting negative thoughts into your space? Are you attracting what you don't want by thinking about what you don't want? Stop doing that then. To make it easier for yourself, get a journal and write down twenty things that you DO want. Once you have written them down, make  few copies and post them in places that you frequent in your house, car, workplace and subconsciously and even consciously you will be seeing your WANTS in an affirmative light. Now, to take it a step further instead of saying these are the things that you want, relate to them as things that you HAVE but you just have not uncovered them yet. Live into your future by OWNING your present. Think as though these are the things already yours. Observe your thoughts and see what shows up for you. Also, I have eliminated words like cannot, try, maybe, hope.....those words are ways for you to wavering in your thought process of ownership of your positive thoughts.

Just as GOD created the world and created YOU and said it was good, you too can do this. Reach in and find the I AM in yourself and CREATE love, light, positivity and everything else that is great, simply by THINKING thoughts that correlate with these things. You are a POWERFUL being. You are a beautiful, whole, complete and capable being who is worthy of having everything you desire. You must first create it within your thoughts. Your beautiful thoughts will give rise to beautiful actions which will produce beautiful results. You can do it. I see the GOD in you.

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