Thursday, October 14, 2010

BEING GAY IS A SIN....(says who?)

I have been dancing and struggling with this topic for weeks now and I have said a few things but today I am ready to bare all.

I know that all three major religions have said time and again that being gay is a sin and all those who choose that lifestyle are going straight to hell. The God that I know is a benevolent and kind God who loves all of his children and created all of us in his image and likeness. That is still true, right? And God loves everyone all the time for no reason and he will never forsake any of his children. This is also still true, right? So what is all the gay bashing about coming from these so called "saved" individuals. How can you look at another human being, who is a living breathing, beautiful individual and say "You're going straight to hell." What? You mean to tell me that priests and pastors who have molested countless children, engaged in fornication, adultery and not to mention greed are going to heaven because they have repented and asked for forgiveness so  therefore they have a first class ticket to go see the Lord? Really? Meanwhile, someone who lives a good life, abides by the law, prays, and operates like everyone else is going straight to hell because they are gay? I beg your pardon? That doesn't sound like the loving merciful God to me.

In the past few weeks the world's attention has been caught by one young man's suicide. Tyler Clementi  was one of the latest victims of bullying and a violation of rights because he was gay. What is that about? What is the epidemic about? Is it new? Of course it is not new, but now because there are more GLBTQ groups around the plight is eased a little bit. When we think gay, we often imagine hardcore lesbians with bad hair cuts and wrangler jeans, or an extremely feminine man with bad makeup and a red feather boa.WAKE UP!!!! Gay, Lesbian, Transgendered and Bi-sexual people can look like anything. They aren't spectacles and they don't have to walk around with a sign that says....I AM GAY! Lately many celebrities have come out to talk about their own horror stories about being bullied because they were gay. However, just as many of them come out to speak out it seems like another gay attack occurs, and each more brutal than the next. Why?

I have heard people close to me say being gay is so nasty, its unnatural, its an abomination and the worst thing a person could do to their families. As Kyle from Glee asked, "Who the hell would choose to be ridiculed, abused and laughed at?" Some people may argue that there is no way that you could be born like that because it is unnatural. However, unnatural according to who or what? The religious books? If you are going to say its wrong because the bible said so, one of my eyebrows will go up and my mouth will form into a frown. The bible, the same tool that has been used to oppress, scare and intimidate poor people for centuries? That bible? The same bible that justified slavery and the abuse of women? Yea, I am going to go with no on this one because I refuse to turn my back on a beautiful group of people because the bible told me so. Let's not forget that the bible also says to love everyone as you love yourself.

What does Pure Peace say? Pure Peace promotes loving everyone all the time for no reason because love is always the answer. No one deserves to be punished or shamed because of a choice that was not theirs to begin with. Pure Peace doesn't recognizes all paths to GOD and love is our religion. We love everyone and we believe that everyone deserves to live in peace no matter who they are in this lifetime and we do NOT believe in punishing anyone for who they are.

If you or someone you know is having a hard time with being comfortable in their own skin and needs some light in their life, please have them contact Pure Peace Life Coaching.

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Love is the answer

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