Saturday, October 9, 2010

For My Friends

The room spins for Ruben
As he's kicked again and again
His ribs crack
And his teeth click clack on the concrete
He hears his cheek bone break as his head is smashed on the bricks
He hopes this is a nightmare he can cure with cookies and milk
Across town J formerly Jesse
Is being tested by a group of men
Who hate to see her with her woman
They push her around
As she swings with precision
She kncks one in the face
But before she can get the satisfaction
Her knees bang the sidewalk
As she doubles over in pain from a kick to the tummy
From one of these assholes
They yank back her hair
And unzip their flies
The skinniest one wants to prove himself
He takes out his "prize"
And shoves it in her face
J gave him the bite of his life
Instantly she's knocked out
Uptown a gangsta wants to prove he's down
But they found out that he's on the low down
So they doused him in bleach to make him weak
And plunged his ass
So they could hear him cry
Made him strip
So they could steal his pride
By raping him over and over again of his dignity
They tell him no one will care about a maricon
A faggot
A dick sucker
And a child molester
He's a dirty little sinner
And this was his motha fucking hell
In the background on the news
A kid from Jersey killed himself
By jumping off the bridge
He was so ashamed
And so sad
That he saw no light at the end of his plight
So he ended it all with a flight to the depths of the Hudson
They say he was going to hell anyway
Those who say it's a sin to be gay
They say there's no mercy for Tyler or any other
Because their sins are greater than life itself
It doesn't matter if it's Tyler, Ruben, Jay, Jessica, Tyrone or Javier or Lynn
They all deserve a listening ear
The deserve protection
And a right to exist in peace
How dare anyone say they go to hell
Nah y'all can go to hell
Because God made them too
God made them in his image and likeness
And no one can say otherwise
The real crime and sin is that this is someone's child
Someone's precious person
And we say their life is worth less because they want to kiss men
No one deserves to be shamed for loving who they choose
No one deserves death for being a fag
They deserve life because they are human 

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