Friday, January 28, 2011

The People United Will Never Be Defeated!!!!

Yes, it is so true that if the masses were to come together as a unified body, we would get what we wanted. It is a proven fact that when people move as a group more gets done. This applies to everything from healing wounds to overthrowing a government. In the past week Egyptians of all ages have over taken the streets to protest the long time reign of their president. They want a change and they are going to have their voices be heard no matter what the cost, some went as far as lighting themselves on fire. Now, that is serious.

Why is this topic relevant to life coaching? Well, most of my clients have a consistent complaint about one thing or the other. Actually, it isn't just my clients but it is basically everyone I know, myself included. In NYC the persistent complaint currently is about the fare hike affecting all NYC strap-hangers.  The fare has for a monthly metro card has gone from $81 to $104. That is a huge increase, affecting everyone who rides the subway, many people have sounded off on it, but there was no real action taken around STOPPING the increase. I get that the MTA created some venues for the citizens to voice their concerns, however considering that they created the meeting and they chose the venue and the panel was all of their employees what does that sounding do? What does it change? Clearly nothing because the fare still went up. What else could have been done? Well, the masses outweigh the MTA bigwigs. If we don't ride the trains and the buses and the subway drivers and the bus drivers refuse to drive, guess what happens? NYC will come to a stand still and these bigwigs will have to think twice about messing with the hard working people of the city.

 Complaints are forever a part of life, but the complaints can turn into action for almost every area of life. You cannot wait for someone else to give you the answer, you have to be the answer. If you;re waiting for someone to rally the troops and you're getting agitated while waiting, then we have been waiting for you. If the tolls are way too high, then as a public we stop paying the tolls by not driving. Yes, it may hurt our pockets for a moment, yes we may not be able to get to work for a while but the complaint will no longer be there because as a PEOPLE the issue will have gotten resolved.

The people on this planet are all connected by love and there is freedom in love. The citizens of every country should be able to maintain a livable wage, and there should not be any signs of poverty anywhere on this planet. Leaders in every country should be able to take pay cuts so that its citizens can be free and at peace. That said, Egypt...I am with you. I respect what you are doing and I hope you get what you need.


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