Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Why do people always state at the beginning of every year that this is their year? What were you doing in the previous year that had you NOT make it your year? Come on people, what are you waiting for to take control of your life?

New Year's Resolutions are so cliche and all of you know it. If you had a weak follow through in the previous year what makes you think that you will be able to organize yourself to follow through this year? Did you imagine yourself being where you are ten years ago? What have you accomplished? What do you have to show for your life up to this point? If the answers to any of these questions bother you then perhaps its time you start living the life that you want.

Set realistic goals for yourself. If you know you have to go on a diet please DO NOT try to lose fifty pounds in a month. Not every diet works for everyone. Also, just because you saw it on tv it does not mean it is right for YOU. Ask yourself why are you losing this weight? If the answer has NOTHING to do with your own happiness then squash that plan quick.

Secondly, team work is awesome. Enroll your closest friends to support you with your goals. Tell people so that when you know you are gonna slip you have a crew of people around you to catch you before you fall.

If you mess up on one of your goals it's okay. Don't beat yourself up please. Start over!!!!!!! Get back on the horse and do not stay down. Again, utilize the people around you, that's what they are there for.

People, don't wait for 2011to be the year where all of your dreams come true. The key to long lasting success is resilience and integrity. If you have integrity in your life you can never fail. Honor your word as it is golden, sacred and bond. If you don't honor your word, then you don't honor yourself and as a result you do not and will not honor others. Now, integrity matched with resilience is a fool proof plan. Keep on keeping on and DO NOT let your circumstances get in the way of your goals. Circumstances will always arise, but that's all they are. Who will you be in the face of it? A sucker or a kick ass grinder. Step up or get left back.

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  1. I love this, so true. I never was big on resolutions. I just always try my very best to have a better New year. I dont dismiss my struggles they bring me strength. I'm thankful to see another year. We all should be especially since life is not promised...