Sunday, December 18, 2011

Why I Chose Life Coaching

I feel. That's what I do, I feel my way through life. What that means is that I think with my heart, I consult with my mind but I think with my heart. In everything that I do I am lead to a my final answer by the way that I feel. I felt lead to heal people. I know that a part of my gifts is to heal. I have healing power in me and since I have no desire to be a doctor, I chose a path that made sense for me.

What is life coaching, anyway? I'm not sure what the standard definition is but for me, to be a life coach is to give people the freedom to be comfortable in their own skin. I do that by listening for their greatness when they speak to me. A person doesn't have to be a client for me to listen to their greatness. Every person who I come into contact with is an opportunity for me to give them love. When someone is speaking to me, seeking some answers I'm also getting in tuned with their spirit. I do that by getting their perspective so that it also becomes my perspective. In order for me to truly get a sense of their world I must truly walk in their shoes. What that opens up for me is an overflowing amount of compassion and a commitment to bring this person to a place of Pure Peace and self love.

I am a rigorous coach. Although I am very compassionate I have a commitment to making sure that my client's goals are accomplished. The sessions are one hour long, but they are also given homework. Homework sounds funny, it's more life life altering work. The key to accomplishing a goal is to make sure there is a plan and follow through. If the extra work is done between calls then real progress will be made. There is no way I can take someone's money and watch them sabotage themselves by not doing the work. Accepting a life coach is a serious commitment and it requires a high level of commitment. I have an initial conversation with a client and I tell them to call me in one week. Why one week? It gives them time to be comfortable with their choice and to make sure they are making a good one. Once I get the call, the work begins.

Life coaching is so much more to me than just a job. It is a beautiful blessing in my life. It gives me the space to be with people in a way that I allows me access to their vulnerability and vice versa. On my calls with my clients, the level of love and passion that is shared is incredible. I love what I do. In addition to this being a dream job, it also allows me the space to raise my daughter in a way that I choose. Working a 9-5 does not fit into my parenting schedule. It never will. My daughter's time is the most important time in this world. When I'm not coaching, I am parenting. Also, because my clients are on the phone or via Skype, I am still readily available to her. It's a win win all around.

Life coaching is my passion. My goal is to bring peace to those who are conflicted, freedom to those who feel trapped, and love to those who feel unloved. This brings me utmost joy and that's why I can do what I do with absolute ease and confidence. I am happy and free, everyone should have that too. I am committed to bringing happiness and freedom to everyone I know. That's my contribution to the world.

Tahira West


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