Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

"It's a new dawn, a new day, a new life and I'm feeling goooooood!"

Every time I hear J-HUD belt out those notes, I get all tingly. Those simple words, sang first by Nina Simone resonates so deeply with me on any given day. I'm not one for resolutions because to me, every single day is an opportunity to fulfill on my greatness. A new year, though does come with an element of newness and starting fresh. You're not fresh but the new year is, and well, why not relish in the brand new year?

What am I up to this year? Well, I have a very deep focus on my spirituality and centering. I am starting an Aikido class this Saturday. Aikido will be used to not only center me but deflect any negative energy that's coming towards me. It's also supposed to condition and tone my core and well, my entire body. I've also been meditating a lot. By a lot i mean every single night, diligently and I must say that I am getting some deep insights into myself. Not only am I more relaxed and at peace, I can feel my anxiety and nervousness come to a halt. It's a feeling that I have never, ever felt and I am so happy that I discovered it.

Pure Peace Life Coaching, my company is going to soar very high this year. It's already beginning to take off. I've invested in a brand new website, a new logo and expanding my services to schools, groups, non profits and corporations. I am also committed to handing out business cards to every person I meet. Pure Peace Life Coaching is not just about coaching but it's about healing. I have the ability to take what is broken and fix it. I heal through love, light and breathing life into what was once dead. My journey has brought me to a place of Pure Peace but has also revealed a healing power that is still revealing it self to me daily. My company is a part of my heart and my soul, it is me and I take good care of myself and every extension of me will get the same amount of care.

Overall, I'll say I started this year in a very powerful place. I am claiming every single one of my blessings and declaring that I will be very successful. I'm not going to just be successful financially but my soul will reach a new level of overstanding and peace. My gifts of healing and the ability to bring people to a sense of peace and healing will grow tenfold. Everything on the vision board that I made will come to life. It will, because I SAY so, my intention is focused and the Creator is blessing me everyday. The Creator has blessed me with my gifts and therefore I must use them. In order to honor the Creator and my time on this earth I must do what I came for and that is to heal.

I am so thankful for all of my blessings. I am blessed and I am highly favored. I also know that everyone in my life is also blessed and highly favored as well. We are all perfectly imperfect and created in the image and likeness of the Creator. Everyone is special, unique and has a light inside of them. Some people allow their light to shine and others need guidance turning it on. But that light is in everyone. My mission is to make sure it shines in everyone I meet. I'm a light bearer and and an illuminator. I shine so bright, you should too.

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you sistar!! I am excited for you too. For us, we are one in the same.