Monday, November 8, 2010

Black Girl Pain (For Wombyn of Color)

This is my review and reception of Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls.

Umm Hmm

Yes my sistas

This movie had me exhaling like I was waiting for Whitney, Angela, and Lela

To join Juantia as she kicked him out for the last time

Yes my sistas

Those of you who have been raped

This is for you
This is for you
Who have grieved in silence
Making to be felt slutty
For being the survivor
Of a crime
Committed against sistas across the globe
From Alberquerque to The Congo
From Brooklyn to Sudan
From Trinidad to Chile
From your own home
To a gang rape
This is for you

No shame!!!

This is for you whose mama deserted you
And so called boyfriend
Didn't want you to have it
Didn't want that child that could be
A beautiful braniac
But unlike Ms. Hill you didn't get to keep Zion
You were forced to spread ya legs
On a dirty bed
And convince yourself
That the seed growing inside of you
Had to die
In order for you to survive
But you die anyway
Because you killed your chance
At a do over
Killed your chance at life
That day two souls died

Yes sistas this is for you

This is for you sista who was betrayed
By the man who said he loved you
He said that he cared for you like he cared for his momma
Who he put in a nursing home
And hadn't seen since
He says he loves you to death
And he means it
As he sleeps around town
Not covering his pride
But going raw
Into someone who isn't you
He spreads his pride and widens his grin
As he lies through his teeth
And says it work
So where do you work
That causes me to feel ill?
Everytime you come home you smell of someone other than me....
You're always sorry
Yes you're sorry
And sorry is what you'll always be

Sistas this too is for you

This is especially for you sista who say you got no pain
You're a G
A female pimp
Cuz you got men figured out
Fuck em and leave em
That's how they do us
That's how they pimp us out
And use us till we are dry
We fuck em and leave em
I was only after his wallet anyway
I can see in your eyes that you're tired
Of sleeping around
Lustily getting it in
But painfully craving a loving relationship
That you're scared to admit
Because the risk of being that vulnerable again
Will kill you
You can't handle dying like that anymore
So you become a lady of the night
Secretly awaiting Mr. Right

Sista this is for you

Yes this is true to life
A story about black girl pain
Deeper than the watery graves of our ancestors in the mid Atlantic
This is sharper
Than birth pains
In cotton fields
In Mississippi
In the middle of a humid night
Darker than hot blood
Dripping down the legs
Of that eight year old
Spread open
By the rapist she calls dad
Yes my sistas this is the pain
And the healing
All wrapped into one
And if you have to ask how

Then perhaps you should ask
Best friend

Let them tell you bout that Black Girl Pain

It's no joke!

For Wombyn of Color everywhere.

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