Monday, November 8, 2010

The Will To Succeed!!!

I noticed that whenever I was close to a breakthrough (breakthrough: An action that will leave you transformed and completely unrecognizable to yourself) I would pull myself back and stop. I had gotten used to running gradually in my boot camp/kickboxing class, we were running inside and it felt great. We took it outside and I HATED it.... My coach got that I was close to actually being a runner and someone who would run on my own and I too realized it but I told myself No! No, running is for ppl who are already skinny and furthermore it gives you shin splits and it was getting too hot to run and....and...and....blah.....blah....blah....blah. You get my drift? I sabotaged my success.

Here we are three years later and I am all hyped, success driven, and getting that feeling of fear and wanting to quit creeping up again. The struggle going through my head is on one hand I know I can get a job at some non profit somewhere and make great money because I am well versed and well qualified. However, that is NOT my dream. That's not my reality. I am the SOLE business owner of Pure Peace Life Coaching and I have another plan in the works that also is solely me working for me, getting paid for MY work, my innovation and nothing feels better than watching your success unfolding before your eyes.

I promised myself that I will be strong. This time it isn't just about me. I have a husband who works hard and who needs a strong business partner, even if we aren't in the same business. Additionally there is the life that we just created. Her life is in my hands. She is my drive, my love, my happiness, my inspiration, my light, she is simply everything. Sabotaging myself isn't an option here. I have the will to succeeed and I will succeed.

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